Sunday, October 4, 2009

Assign 8 > One Malaysia Community Construction < ..♪

This was a unique project in Studio 101. Our mission was to do Community Construction. I was very lucky as can get into the Penang 2 site, which is just located inside USM. Well, the side is named as Bukit Jenaton.

1st day>>
Departure in Bukit Jenaton in the early morning.

Secret tool, Repellent stick. Scare to be bitten by mosquitoes. No matter girls or boys.
Briefing from Sir Rusli before starting our task.
Our name, inside the visitors' book.
Here's our breakfast. Nasi lemak, Mihun, kuih-muih.
Started to do our job. I was doing labelling. 10 of us were inside the conference room and using computer to do the labelling.
2nd day>>
Sir Rusli brought us walked around in Bukit Jenaton. He taugh us a lot of natural things which we didn't learn in class before.
This is the sprinkler which they did on the 1st day.
Here we are, playing under the sprinklers.
Having our breakfast. Besides, we were having fun with our members.
Here's the kuih raya which brought by Sir Rusli. Thank you sir ^^ Thanks for ur kuih.
Mission began on the 2nd day. We were installing the sprinklers again. No more labelling job as it was being finished on the 1st day.
We were walking into the jungle after finished installing the sprinklers.
Here are the natural objects which we met inside the jungle.
Due to this project, I've learned gain a lot of knowledge which I can't get it in the class. I'm very appreciate the time during making this project.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Assign 7 > Bamboo Break < ..♪

Before Hari Raya semester break, we were given a task by our lecturer. This task was a bit special compare to the last few project. It is because we need to create a cube by using bamboo. Hence, during holiday, I was going back to my hometown - Johor, and cut down d bamboo stick. When I reached K.L., I tried to "stick" all the bamboo sticks into a cubic. After that, I carried those 12 bamboo sticks from K.L. to Penang by bus. Here's my product:

Here's the materials which I used to join all my bamboo sticks:

My bamboo cube and I:

Unfortunately, Sir Wan B. was trying to destroy all the bamboo cubes ><" Actually he was teaching us how does a cube should be built up.

These were the bamboo cubes which had destroyed by Sir Wan B.:

After that, all of us tried to combine all the bamboo cubes together where we need to meet the requirement of "From lego piece to legoland".

Our product:

Group members:
This is my bamboo gift which was designed by me:

This was a bamboo gift which I get it during the RUS101. It is a stationaries holder. Thanks to my friend who designed it:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Assign 6 > An Urban Plan < ..♪

This was our 1st time to have a project which was asking us to do an urban plan. While, our lecturer Sir Wan B. was going to propose our urban plan to the head of the school of HBP which is needed to transform School of HBP into an APEX HBP. Our topic for the urban plan was COMMUNICATION CENTRE.

Here we were, disscussing our plan at DK foyer.

After disscusing, we started to figure out and sketch our plan.

Finally, we have done our sketches.

As our work must be done with computer graphic, so we designed our work by using Photo Impact and Microsoft Word. All the graphics were found in the Internet while some of it was done by us by using software or by freehand sketches. Here's our product: